This past saturday I gave myself a pass of 30 percent glycolic and one pass of a modified 14% jessner.  The skin on my face is feeling very tight and I am just WAITING for it to start peeling.  You never want to start to peel your own skin after a peel, you want to wait for it to peel on its own, and once it starts peeling, you never want to pick, just lightly brush off with a washcloth from what is falling off when you cleanse your face.  I can feel that I am going to start to peel around my mouth area tomorrow, and will probably be all the way peeled by friday! Lets hope because I have a date planned! The key to taking care of a higher grade peel depends on the peel and you should always be given directions by your esthetician, but for this specific peel I only washed my face with cream cleanser and wore spf until today, two days after the peel, and tomorrow when I start to peel, I can start to do a different regimen of using cream cleanser, using a moisturizer( nothing with an acid, or vitamin a, then following with spf 30 or higher).  I will continue this until my skin is done flaking and back to normal( and much brighter and has more luminosity.  The “it glow” we call it here at work.  Hopefully this can teach you a little bit about taking care of your self after a peel if you had had one and didnt know how, otherwise if you are interested in a peel or dont know if its right for you for your skin conditions, click on my homepage, click on contact info and email me and I will be able to help answer your specfic questions about any type of superficial or high grade peel, or just a peel if you dont know what those two terms mean;)


PS I have attached two pictures. One from Day one( basically just a little dry, and today, (the one with red lipstick), you can see the tightness forming around my mouth.


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