Jessner Peel Update.  Today is thursday and my skin is almost completely peeled from my jessner peel that I completed last saturday.  I have taken very good care of my skin, by only cleansing, using a moisturizer with no acid and a heavy spf in the morning.  It was obnoxiously hard not to pick at what was peeling, but I knew that I would hyperpigment if I peeled away at what didnt already want to peel.  I was a “safe” peeler.  I feel like back to myself but what I really feel the difference in is how the smaller fine lines and wrinkles have disipated and my skin is firmer and tighter.  Although jessner’s are typically used for melasma and low grade roscaea, they can be used for anti-aging to an extent.  All in all I am satisified with the results and will most likely repeat in 4-6 weeks( skin junkie).  If you have any questions about peels and if they are right for your skin type feel free to email me and I will be happy to reply:)

On to another subject. Hyperpigmentation, Retin-A, and Sunscreen.  Winter is coming and all of you will soon be completely barried in blankets.  This also means that you will no longer be on boats. motorcycles, out in the back yard, in the pool, you know all the fun things in life.  But this is also the perfect opportunity to start working on all things that bother you about your face, you know, the age spots.  Those dark things that creep up the sides, and for a while you can get your hair to cover them. If your lucky you have bangs and they cover your forhead, but other wise hyperpigmentation is an issue for almost any women on this earth.  This time of year however, is the BEST time of year to work on minimizing your hyperpigmention through a few different steps.  This time of year is optimal to working on breaking down hyperpigmentation because you are not in the sun, so the sun does have the access to create more hyperpigmentation, so therefore we are minimizing and not creating any new.  The goal is by spring to have less, and to then be in the habit of knowing how to protect yourself for the coming spring and summer months ( hats, hats, hats, love them!)

The way in which we start to minimize hyperpigmentation is through a simple regimine.  For your PM routine you may cleanse with whatever you like depending on your skin tone.  Then you would use a Retin-A (or a Tretinol product-EVEN BETTER) ( Vitamin A, C, and E, allows the Vitamin A to work while C and E do the healing).  After letting the product set for about ten minutes you can apply moisturizer.  The way vitamin A works is that it slowly breaks down the melasmasomes so that they are not as visible.  Over time ( you must give the treatment protocol at least 30 days before you see results) you will eventually start to see the spots fade.  Retin A and Tretinol are also VERY very good for anti-aging and acne, so you may see your skin texture and tone improve over all as well.

The number one thing that people who use Retin-A and Tretinol Serums forget to do during this time of year is wear an SPF.  Even though you are not blinded by the sun, UVA and UVB rays are still present.  Please, please, please wear your spf 30 or higher while using these strong products, or your hyperpigmentation may actually get worse from sun exposure.  You would just apply SPF in the morning after moisturizer.  If at any point your skin starts to get flaky or too dry, start using the Vitamin A product every other day instead of everyday, it will be a little less harsh.


PS-have attached pictures of what my skin looks like now that my Jessner is finally done peeling


One thought on “SKIN FILE 2

  1. Juliana,
    My skin looks amazing after the peel you did last week!! I really appreciate you taking the time to explain what to expect and ease my fears about getting a peel. I got a lot of compliments from my friends that my skin looked amazing and even my boyfriend noticed a difference. I am excited to come back in next month to get another one. I also really love the Tretinol serum and cyto luxe eye cream! Thanks for the recommendations on home care products. I will try the Ultra Vitamin C next time.
    Thanks again!
    Melissa B.

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