Skin Spotting-Celebs!

Skin Spotting!

Who’s Skin Do we LOVE today and 3 healthy tips you can try to achieve their look

1)Camilla Belle


camilla belle 2

2)Anne Hathaway

Anne-Hathaway-4  anne-hathaway-pictures-31

3)Ashley Greene



3 Healthy Tips To Get Celebrity Skin

1)Eat more Kiwis-This tangy-sweet treat packs more vitamin C per ounce than practically any other fruit. Vitamin C helps maintain the collagen in our skin, keeping it tight

2)Crunch on more Sunflower Seeds-These seeds are filled with vitamin E — a powerful antioxidant that decelerates the aging of skin cells, keeping us looking younger longer. Vitamin E is also known for its ability to diminish the appearance of scars. Bye Bye acne scars!

3)Choose Turkey over ham for that sandwhich-It has a high concentration of zinc. This mineral maintains collagen and elastin fibers that preserve skin’s elasticity and firmness, keeping you looking firm and tight:)

2 days until Christmas Eve-Look For soon to come posts on how to recover from over indulging at that Christmas Feast and the effects it has on your skin and more importantly, HOW TO PREP FOR NEW YEARS



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