Help Me! My Skin is Red and Oily and Makeup Makes it look worse!

Dedicated to an old friend-

We all of had days of occasional redness on our cheeks, possibly windburn, outside for too long
in the cold. But there is difference between that feeling and a daily redness either normally on (our cheeks) or forehead, and even more common-the chin. This may be rosacea, ( I am not a dermatologist, I am not diagnosing you, but chances are it isnt). Fun Fact: About 40% of the American population believes themselves to have rosacea. WRONG. The correct answer is 1-3%.

One possible condition that could be causing the redness is something totally normal that happens to very many people and it is called erythma. In lamens terms it is your body exerting energy in the form of redness. It does not mean you are excited or nervous about anything. It is just energy that is all.

But this may not be the case either. The most common reason for redness is irritation of the skin. Where does that come from?? The products you put on your face day and night without knowing they are stuffed with fragrance and alcohol to irritate your pores and make you RED.

Second problem, your not only red, but your oily. The fact of the matter is these two go hand in hand. The products that you are using that are making you irritated and red are also drying out your skin and in turn causing your sebaceous glands to produce more oil on a constant basis. It’s a two sided coin. And you need to make a wish and throw deep into a fountain. I promise there is a happy ending;)

If your skin is red and oily a perfect regimen for you comes from a great line called GLOtheraputics that you can order online at their website.

It is a pharmaceutical grade line that is RESULT-ORIENTED. IF U WANT CHANGE-TRY THIS

The following is an AM and PM routine that if you stick to solidly, and perform every single morning and every single night, within 4 to 8 weeks your skin is going to look reallly different from before. In 3 months you wont be able to stop staring in the mirror. Even within the first 2 days you will notice a change, again this is a result-oriented line that calms the skin and controls oil with ease. All you have to do is join the party!!

STEP 1: Clear Anti Blemish Cleanser
STEP 2: Purifying Tonic
STEP 3: Renew Serum
STEP 4: Oil Free Moisturizer
STEP 5: Oil Free SPF 40

STEP 1:Conditioning Milk Cleanser
STEP 2: Purifying Tonic(Above)
STEP 3:Tretinol 0.5%( like a serum)
STEP 4: B5 Hydration(it is used in place of a moisturizer)

Essential EXTRA: Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub
Instructions: Every Mon, Wed, Fri-After Cleansing in the Morning, Scrub your face and rinse, then move on to your purifying toner and so forth.

VERY IMPORTANT: you must wear the SPF 40 because at night you are using Tretinol to exfoliate. Tretinol contains Retinol and if you do not wear SPF, even in the winter, you may cause dark spots on your skin(hyperpigmentation).

The first time you do your morning routine you may feel a little dewey or “oily”. This is how you are supposed to feel. Over the course of the first week your skin will start to adjust and your skin will adapt and you won’t feel that way forever. In the mean time as a quick fix, add more loose powder after you put on your liquid foundation or tinted moisurizer. Layer it, layer by layer with your brush, “packing” it onto the skin, almost “pounding your brush into your face”. The dewey look will be gone and you will look flawless.

Hope this helps:)




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