Spring Cleaning-Time for a Facial!

The sun is finally shining and we can all stop hibernating in our snuggies.  Or is that just me? I know you all have SOME comfy pajamas you’ve been grasping onto and now are ready to let free for tank tops and flip flops.  77 degrees here in Chicago on Tuesday.  I think thats a beach day.  But way way to ruin the nice day when you look in your rear view mirror or your bathroom mirror as your putting your suit on and you see a ruddy face that is infested with black heads that you have been avoiding like no other.  At this point, if you haven’t taken proper care of your skin over the winter with the correct products there are no quick fix products from the drugstore.  I know I know, I wish I could be a magician but I don’t have a license for that;) If you are looking in the mirror and you skin is looking somewhat like any of these pictures, there is only one answer.  A spring cleaning facial.

Chances are you are having some of the same issues as these celebs.  Whether it be acne and congestion or struggling with dryness and fine lines and wrinkles.

For your facial, book some sort of peel along with it. Possibly a salicylic or glycolic peel.  The reason is over the winter you have accumulated so many dead skin cells, combined with sebum and excess makeup everyday that does not fully come off, leaving you with an unflattering complexion.  The peel will ” eat” away at your dead skin cells revealing a more glowy youthful you.  It will also help firm and tighten the skin by boosting collagen and elastin production if you feel fine lines are an issue.  Your esthetician will decide what peel is best for you.

Leave me comments if you read this and got a facial with a peel and love how your skin feels after! I would love to hear feedback!



Let me be your Beauty BFF-Refine and Re-texturize Dull Skin!

Sorry for the delay in posting skin fans, I gave my self a chemical peel (with downtime) and my face fell off!! So I have been looking for it for a WHOLE two weeks! Totally kidding that would never happen. My life is much more mundane; I have just been caught up with work. But Im back! 😉

So you wake up in the morning and drag your self to the mirror to wash your face to wake up and re-fresh yourself. You go through your normal routine of cleansing your face and slapping some sort of moisturizer which you have no clue on earth what it ACTUALLY
does for skin; all that you can really remember is that the lady at the department store told you it worked ” miracles”. You take a good look in the mirror and see what is staring back at you and you are frowning not smiling. Your skin looks dull, almost grey like, even more so if you are a smoker. And what is even more bothersome is that when you take your hand to your face; it is not smooth like the inside of your forearm, like it should feel; it is rough and uneven feeling. When you look further and are getting closer to the mirror( trust me, its very common to hop onto the bathroom counter to get even closer to the mirror-its not weird, its a girl thing) you see large pores and your skin seems to be different colors in different portions of your face. Houston, we have a girl problem.


Now we certainly do not want to get to the point where we are associating our skin with this nameless celebrity. But there are ways you can re-texturize your skin and avoid copious amounts of ridicule. Just joking, unless your friends have no shame;)

To re-texturize the skin we need to rid the skin of dead skin cells that are just kind of hanging out on your face. They can make the skin feel rough, and look ruddy. In GENERAL, you have three basic options, something light, like a gommage/scrub, a microdermabrasion treatment, or a chemical peel.

Your first option would be the easiest, an at home option, a gommage, and my reccommendation would be Aveda’s Tourmaline Charged Skin Refiner, seen here, available to order online, at AVEDA.com


The Tourmaline Refiner is actually Aveda’s alternative to microdermabrasion. They believe in manual manipulation with use of product as compared to a machine doing the work. It is a natural alternative that leaves no irritation or redness. I would reccommend using it after you cleanse your face 3-4 times a week( the morning is best- your makeup will look MUCH better). After you pat your skin dry from cleansing, apply the gommage, it will be wet at first, and then let it set, about 8 minutes, until it is pasty/ chalk like on the skin and somewhat hard. Your next step is to use your two fore fingers to buff off all of the product( best done over a sink). As you are doing this you are re-texturizing and sloughing off all of your dead skin cells. Rinse your face well, and continue your normal skin care steps. You wil be quite happy with the results.

Your second option in re-texurizing your skin is microdermabrasion. Although a very popular service from Hollywood to your spa right down the street, many still do not exactly know what it is.
Microdermabrasion is the application of tiny rough grains to your skin to buff away the very top layer of your epidermis-the strateum corneum. When there is a break-up in the strateum corneum it is the bodies natural response to consider it a mild injury and your body comes to “rescue” and it replaces the area with new healthy cells. There is often swelling and redness. Actually there is ALMOST ALWAYS swelling and redness, no matter how resiliant your skin is. This is my blog so I am allowed to have a opinion. YES, microderm will make your skin feel smoother, and re-texturize it to a certain extent, however you have to think of things long term. You have your face for a life-time, not just until you are 45. You are INFLAMMING the skin every time you get a microderm session. I know women who have a regular appointment booked for every other Friday. There is research that proves that over-inflammation of the skin leads to the process that breaks down collagen and elastin( that means fine lines and wrinkles for you!!!). Other things lead to this process too, such as picking at the skin, constant scratching or rubbing. Bottom line is I think microdermabrasion was a fad that is lasting a little too long, is way too overrated, and in the long run it is not good for the integrity of your skin.


Your third, and in my opinion coolest option is to get a chemical peel. You probably hear the words
“chemical peel” and are frightened. That should be the exact option of how you feel. Chemicals peels are the BEST thing for re-texturizing, and if you can handle a shot at the doctor you can handle a peel. For any and all peels it is very simple. You are prepped with a solution. Then the peel is applied. You may feel tingling you may not. Your esthetician may continue to apply more product until you feel something, or just leave the one layer for a specific time. On average, you have product on your skin ( you are in control of fanning yourself-this can make you feel more in control) for about 4-6 minutes and it is just like a rush. Almost like a roller coaster ride. Your esthetican may add a layer, and you may say, “WHOA, I FEEL HEAT” but you fan yourself really fast for 30 seconds and your back to a tolerable feeling. I won’t go into all of the differences between types of peels, such as, lactic, salyclylic, glycolic, jessner, tca, triplex, and alphabeta to name a few. Different skincare lines have different advanced peels for different skin types. The bottom line is the TYPE of peel you decide to get is a decision that you need to make with your esthetician after a THOROUGH consultation. Once you find the right one, repeat maintenance of chemicals peels every 4-5 weeks is going to get you the best skin in town. You will not only be re-texturized, but your skin will be tighter, firmer, and you will have that “glow” everyone is after. Go for the peel, you won’t be dissapointed. Below is a face chart that shows what areas estheticians often look at when we are assessing areas that needs change before a chemical peel, kind of like how a plastic surgeon draws on you before a surgery! Bring out the markers! That would make for a fun facial;)


I hope that the next time you are at the mall or booking your next appointment at the spa you will take into consideration what I have said. Gommage, microdermabrasion, or chemical peel, if you keep up with the game your friends will not make fun of you( hopefully) and you will not look like the nameless celebrity above( hopefully). Kidding. Just exfoliate in some form girls –no one likes a rag doll;)

Email me with any questions at jpiper220@gmail.com



Jessner Peel Update.  Today is thursday and my skin is almost completely peeled from my jessner peel that I completed last saturday.  I have taken very good care of my skin, by only cleansing, using a moisturizer with no acid and a heavy spf in the morning.  It was obnoxiously hard not to pick at what was peeling, but I knew that I would hyperpigment if I peeled away at what didnt already want to peel.  I was a “safe” peeler.  I feel like back to myself but what I really feel the difference in is how the smaller fine lines and wrinkles have disipated and my skin is firmer and tighter.  Although jessner’s are typically used for melasma and low grade roscaea, they can be used for anti-aging to an extent.  All in all I am satisified with the results and will most likely repeat in 4-6 weeks( skin junkie).  If you have any questions about peels and if they are right for your skin type feel free to email me and I will be happy to reply:)

On to another subject. Hyperpigmentation, Retin-A, and Sunscreen.  Winter is coming and all of you will soon be completely barried in blankets.  This also means that you will no longer be on boats. motorcycles, out in the back yard, in the pool, you know all the fun things in life.  But this is also the perfect opportunity to start working on all things that bother you about your face, you know, the age spots.  Those dark things that creep up the sides, and for a while you can get your hair to cover them. If your lucky you have bangs and they cover your forhead, but other wise hyperpigmentation is an issue for almost any women on this earth.  This time of year however, is the BEST time of year to work on minimizing your hyperpigmention through a few different steps.  This time of year is optimal to working on breaking down hyperpigmentation because you are not in the sun, so the sun does have the access to create more hyperpigmentation, so therefore we are minimizing and not creating any new.  The goal is by spring to have less, and to then be in the habit of knowing how to protect yourself for the coming spring and summer months ( hats, hats, hats, love them!)

The way in which we start to minimize hyperpigmentation is through a simple regimine.  For your PM routine you may cleanse with whatever you like depending on your skin tone.  Then you would use a Retin-A (or a Tretinol product-EVEN BETTER) ( Vitamin A, C, and E, allows the Vitamin A to work while C and E do the healing).  After letting the product set for about ten minutes you can apply moisturizer.  The way vitamin A works is that it slowly breaks down the melasmasomes so that they are not as visible.  Over time ( you must give the treatment protocol at least 30 days before you see results) you will eventually start to see the spots fade.  Retin A and Tretinol are also VERY very good for anti-aging and acne, so you may see your skin texture and tone improve over all as well.

The number one thing that people who use Retin-A and Tretinol Serums forget to do during this time of year is wear an SPF.  Even though you are not blinded by the sun, UVA and UVB rays are still present.  Please, please, please wear your spf 30 or higher while using these strong products, or your hyperpigmentation may actually get worse from sun exposure.  You would just apply SPF in the morning after moisturizer.  If at any point your skin starts to get flaky or too dry, start using the Vitamin A product every other day instead of everyday, it will be a little less harsh.


PS-have attached pictures of what my skin looks like now that my Jessner is finally done peeling


This past saturday I gave myself a pass of 30 percent glycolic and one pass of a modified 14% jessner.  The skin on my face is feeling very tight and I am just WAITING for it to start peeling.  You never want to start to peel your own skin after a peel, you want to wait for it to peel on its own, and once it starts peeling, you never want to pick, just lightly brush off with a washcloth from what is falling off when you cleanse your face.  I can feel that I am going to start to peel around my mouth area tomorrow, and will probably be all the way peeled by friday! Lets hope because I have a date planned! The key to taking care of a higher grade peel depends on the peel and you should always be given directions by your esthetician, but for this specific peel I only washed my face with cream cleanser and wore spf until today, two days after the peel, and tomorrow when I start to peel, I can start to do a different regimen of using cream cleanser, using a moisturizer( nothing with an acid, or vitamin a, then following with spf 30 or higher).  I will continue this until my skin is done flaking and back to normal( and much brighter and has more luminosity.  The “it glow” we call it here at work.  Hopefully this can teach you a little bit about taking care of your self after a peel if you had had one and didnt know how, otherwise if you are interested in a peel or dont know if its right for you for your skin conditions, click on my homepage, click on contact info and email me and I will be able to help answer your specfic questions about any type of superficial or high grade peel, or just a peel if you dont know what those two terms mean;)


PS I have attached two pictures. One from Day one( basically just a little dry, and today, (the one with red lipstick), you can see the tightness forming around my mouth.