Holiday Exfoliation-The It Factor

sneak peak holiday glam

It’s friday night and its holiday party time.  What to do? How to prep? How to make your skin look its best? If your party is later on around 10 or 10:30 I would suggest getting a quick mini facial( I’ll explain exactly what to ask for) but If you need to be somewhere earlier, I’ll give you a few tips on some products you can pick up at the drugstore tonight on the way home to help make you shine and stand out in a crowd tonight.  The theme of your routine tonight is: holiday exfoliation.  Once you exfoliate and wipe away your dead skin cells, your inner beauty is revealed; all that dry dull skin is gone and you are left with a glowing complexion, making you the center of attention tonight;)

If you have time to book a quick facial which I recommend as the first option-please don’t think you will be red for tonight’s event (that is a horrible myth created by women who have had bad estheticians who gave horrible rough facials). An expert esthetician will be able to do more exfoliation because he/she has stronger professional products in their treatment room than you can find at the drugstore, as a result, you’re going to look a bit more polished and smooth than using a scrub at home.  So if you can find a spa that has evening hours on your way home from work, just ask to book a mini-facial( you don’t need the entire hour for today) but add a chemical peel.  You can add either a lactic or a glycolic 30% or less. Both of these peels will “eat away” at your dead skin cells and leave you feeling super refreshed and regenerated.  If done properly, with hydrating and nourishing masks put on after the peels, you should be just a little pink when you leave the spa, and by the time you get home almost back to your normal skin tone.  If you feel like it is still unnaturally pink, apply a layer of hydrocortisone first before you start to do your makeup for the night.  Then when you put your foundation on, do one layer, and if you still see pink, add one more.  At this point you should look appropriate, and you can continue with blush/eyes/lips and go as glam as you want

fashion dream

On the other hand if you are in a rush and all you have time to do is stop at the drugstore to prep for tonight’s festivities, there are a few things that can still make you look like a superstar;)  I am going to list off a few products with their pictures and then explain how and in what order to use them and why they will make good.

  • L’oreal Revitalift Creme Cleanser$5.79

loreal creme cleanser

    • Roc Daily Resurfacing Discs For Skin$9.29
      resurfacing discs
  • Yes To Tomatoes-Tomatoes Daily Clear Skin Pore Scrub$8.99

yes to tomatoes

  • Dr. Varon’s Vitamin C Concentrated $19.49

vitamin c 19.49

  • Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Anti Wrinkle Creme $9.19


These cocktail of products are my version of instant holiday exfoliation.  If you would like to look like you stepped out of a magazine tonight, purchase on your way home tonight.  The creme cleanser will start as a nice base to hydrate if you have dull skin as the weather has been drying most of us out lately.  Your next step is to us the pads.  You take one and swipe across your entire face, getting every crevice, around your nose especially and into your eyebrows removing any excess makeup that was not removed with the cleanser.  You can repeat this step with another pad if there was a lot of makeup on the pad. This pad is chemical and manual exfoliant, so it is doing double duty.  Your skin should start to feel clean at this point.  Next you are going to use the tomato scrub to exfoliate anything that may have been lagging behind.  Move the scrub around sprirally for about two to three minutes then rinse thoroughly with warm water.  While you are scrubbing, have a hand size towel that has been soaked in water, rolled up, and put in the microwave for 3 minutes waiting for you.  Take it out, watch out! It will be very hot grab it from the tip of towel and air it out a little and wipe your entire face and neck down with it.  Now you should be feeling really clean and glowing.  The last step is to apply the vitamin C serum for nourishment and to put antioxidants back into your skin so you keep the glow, and then following is the alpha hydroxy moisturizer to lock in moisturizer before you apply any makeup.  It has glycolic acid in it so while its hydrating its continuing to break down dead cells so they don’t build up, and you don’t look dull:)

Wait about ten minutes for everything to set and go ahead and apply your makeup and then its time to get glam! Have fun at your holiday party;)