My Interests



There are many things I enjoy besides helping people with there skin.  This list includes :

baking, cooking anything difficult(more of a challenge), bike riding, running, wearing spf, shopping, makeup, glamour, fake eyelashes, and enjoying time with my family

Some of my favorite movies includes:

Silence of the Lambs, The Campaign, Fear, Garden State

My music ranges from one spectrum to the other,either super mellow or bouncing off the walls, including, :

3 doors down, the cardigans, drake, ellie goulding, frou frou. future, keri hilson, LCD soundsystem, nickelback, purity ring, robyn,trina, wale, the Xx

I only have one favorite book.  It is called Sun Signs by Linda Goodman.  I am very large into astrology, and this is the book that got me started.  It is old, I believe fro 1976, but matches all star signs to the tee.  I can meet someone and be with them for 5 minutes and know their zodiac sign because of this book.


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